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General FAQ's

E-learning is computer based and makes use of multimedia sources such as text, audio, animations, images and so on. E-learning is web-based learning that combines information and communication systems on either a free standing or network based Learning Management System (LMS).
Today, eLearning is used extensively in the education and the corporate worlds.

E-learning is anywhere learning! With eLearning, you have the freedom to take the course at the place and time of your choice, without affecting work schedules. E-learning is pocket friendly and saves time; it saves the money spent on printed material and classroom supplies and the best part is that it is cheaper to develop and can be used frequently.

Yes, of course! Spoken English course is made available in languages such as Tamil and Hindi. You can easily translate and learn via your mother tongue language.

There are many off the shelf ready-made courses available in eGuru. You can opt for a customized eLearning course based on your specifications.

The following e-Learning courses available in eGuru are:
Academic Courses - CBSE(NCERT) & Tamil Nadu(Samacheer Kalvi) (Class 1 to 10)
Non-Academic Courses (Life Skills, Soft Skills, Software Skills, Spoken English Skills)
21st Century Skills (Scratch, Raspberry Pi, Python, App Inventor)
New Courses - Coming Soon

"Seeing is Believing" - Developed with high quality, 100% Animated videos and Interactive Lessons for Visual Learning Flexibility. Students can learn "Learn Anytime - Anywhere - Any Device"

Luckily Yes! With no restrictions you can try a full featured and unlimited access to eGurulive with one day free trial. Please click here to get started.

Once you complete the payment, the credentials details will be sent to your Registered Mobile Number and Email ID immediately.

Step 1: After successful payments, if you didn't receive any registration Email in your inbox, kindly check your spam folder in your Email Account.

Step 2: We would recommend you to contact or use your banking services to check if your account has been debited with the said amount. If no, you can try again to make payment and if yes, ask them to reverse the transaction and try again.

Please raise a request/contact with complete details to serve you better.

Technical FAQ's

Don't panic. All our videos are Flash files to provide high quality content. Problem is loading may be due to unavailability OR an outdated version of your Adobe Flash Player. We recommend you to first download, Install and update the latest version of Flash Player by visiting.

Yes! Of Course! There are 40,000 + MCQs and Assessments to evaluate your learning progress.

eGuru's entire Course Library, Assessment System, Referrals, Cashbacks, login etc can be accessed with all versions of Android. Click here to get the eGurulive app or please visit the Google Playstore and search for 'eGurulive'.
We will be launching the iPhone App soon.

Please visit, Click on Login at the top right corner of the website. Login using the email and password credentials you used during eGuruLive registration. After login, just keep your mouse over the profile icon and you can see the menu "My Profile" & "Logout" options. Click "My Profile" to access the features.

Active email support within 24 hours of turnaround time. Soon we are launching live chat and ticket system.

Along with the web version we also provide learner features, Assessments features, Referrals and Payment features on the App including personalized feature for each version of the App.

Please check your internet connection and try again by refreshing the webpage.

Typically, a student has unlimited chances to pass/complete each test in a course. All required tests must be successfully completed in order for a student to pass the examination conducted by schools.

Upon successful completion of courses including Learning/Assessments, the percentage pointer will be converted to 100%.

Yes! Of Course! Our courseware is designed to fit into the student's schedule, with the opportunity to leave and re-enter the courses as many times as necessary within the given access window. Students can also come back to review the course, even after it has been completed, making it a great reference tool.

If you have a Premium Subscription to eGuru, you can view your detailed Study Reports & Assessment analysis report under My Profile. You can also view your recent learning activities or your entire account activities by clicking on the Date-wise/ Course-wise and Chapter-wise Reports.

On the login page, click on Forgot Password. You will be asked to enter your registered Email ID. Upon clicking the submit button, an email will be sent along with the instructions to reset the password!

If you have received a Promo code, you can apply the code under "I have Access Code" in Registration page. is a web-based application for which an internet connection is essential. However, we do offer Offline (LAN) solutions only to Schools & Institutions. Please review our solutions webpage or Use our Give a call back form to assist you.

Sorry! Usage of mobile app without Internet connection is not possible. You should have 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection.

On Time-to-Time basis, we continuously add New Courses & improve Features for best Customer Experience in; We notify by sending emails or alert the members prior while doing any maintenance or improvements. During this time, Members Won't be able to access the site.

LMS stands for Learning Management System. An LMS is a completely web-based learning system that is used to deliver learning materials to learners. Some common features of a LMS include, user tracking, user administration, content delivery, user authentication and more.

In Short, an LMS is the actual system your learners will log in to when accessing their learning materials.

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATIONS before Account Expiry will be availing our surprise discount to become Premium member. We offer surprise discounts to Buy Subscriptions and Renew the Account for learning the knowledge treasure

All the notifications about latest news and latest courses will be found under the My Account section, in web as well as in app.

You can call on the eGuru helpline number: +91 - 044 - 42072021 for further assistance.

Try restarting the video

Refresh the web page

Use the arrow keys on the panel beside the video

We are working on apple devices, it will be available soon!

For issues related to your computer or local network, contact your local technical support

For technical issues related to the eLearning course, email:


You can expect a response within 24 hours

Sales FAQ's

We have a 3 days refund policy from the date of receiving the payment. In case of any dissatisfaction towards the courses, the entire fees will be refunded.

Strictly No. prohibits the use of multiple user logins with single User ID. Account will be suspended for any suspicious activity as we register and track the IP address regularly.

Luckily Yes! eGuruLive offers surprise discounts to New users as well as Existing users. Existing users can visit 'Offers and subscriptions' under 'My Account' section to avail your surprise discount code & purchase the subscriptions.

Yes! The subscription package is inclusive of taxes with 18% GST.

Sorry out there! As per our Terms & Conditions, there are no refunds in case of cancellation of subscription.

It's easy! Simply click on "My Accounts" under "My Profile" to change your plan.

You will be notified with Alerts & Emails to renew your Account with surprise discounts if your subscription is about to expire. Its so easy! Simply click on "My Accounts" under "My Profile" to Renew your Account with eGuru's surprise discounts.

Yes, you will get a receipt of your Recurring Payments each and every time your account is renewed.

Don't worry! We will send Alerts & notifications when your Account is about to expire.

Yes, You need to Enable your cookies.

To keep Your Cookies Enabled:
For Google Chrome Users Enable Cookies: Tools - Options - Under the Hood - Cookie Settings. Please change to Allow all Cookies. Clear Cookies: Go to Tools - Clear Browsing Data. Please change the time range to clear to Everything.
For Firefox Users Enable Cookies: Go to Tools - Options - Privacy. Then please change your settings under History to Remember History. Enable JavaScript: Go to Tools - Options - Content. Then please ensure Enable JavaScript is ticked. Disable pop-up blocker: Go to Tools - Options - Content.

Referral FAQ's

Yes! With advance intimation from Genie, it may change.

Refer unlimited friends to eGuru & Collect unlimited Referral Earnings. It's so easy. Refer a friend. Receive Rs 250 Referral Earnings. Earn while you Learn! Introduce a friend to purchase eGuru's premium license. We'll help them succeed & reward you Rs 250 Referral Earnings happily! Refer your friends. Grow your Revenue!

All customers who have a referral code are eligible to refer their friends and family under this campaign and earn unlimited Referral Earnings!

For each successful referral, the referrer will get Rs.250 Referral Earnings as the referral reward. A successful referral means that the referred person has purchased eGuru's Premium License. The Referral Earnings reward will be directly credited to the user's eGuru wallet.

Its easy! You can refer your friends by Simply clicking on Invite/Refer under "My Profile" in your eGuru Login Account You can also refer your friends in eGuru App.

If the referral friend have not received the referral email, users have the option to re-send/Invite the referral email. There is a chance that the referral mail might be present in the Spam/Junk/Promotions folders of the referral friend's mailbox. If the referral friend still has not received the referral email, kindly write to eGuru Help/ customer care

The referral dashboard is a page wherein the person can view the status of all their referrals and the amount of Referral Earnings earned.

If the referral dashboard doesn't reflect the correct status of any particular referral, please write to eGuru(mail id) with the following details:
Your referral friend's name :
Your referral friend's mail id or contact number:

Referral Earnings can be transferred to their corresponding Bank Account only if the user is a Premium eGuruLive Account holder.

You can refer as many friends as you wish. Benefit of Rs.250 Referral Earnings will be given to you for the all successful premium account activations from among the friends you have referred. Unlimited Referrals for Unlimited Referral Earnings!

You can Earn while you Learn! For Unlimited Referrals you receive Unlimited Referral Earnings! Wallet Referral Earnings can be successfully transferred to your Bank Account. With eGuru you can Refer your friends & Grow your Revenue!

For each successful Premium activation from the among the friends you have referred, you will receive a Referral Earnings of Rs.250 in your eGuru Wallet.
Once your wallet is credited, you shall receive an Email and SMS intimation of the same. So, check out for the Email. Also, log on to, to check your Wallet balance to know the credit.

Once your referral friend purchases eGuru's Premium License with your referral code, we will intimate you through Email and App notifications. Post that, as soon as your friend's Account is activated, you will get an Email and SMS about the credit of Rs.250 into your eGuru Wallet. You can log in to to check it out.

As soon as your referral friend purchases eGuru's Premium License with your referral code, you will get an Email and SMS about the credit of Rs.250 into your eGuru Wallet. You can log in to to check it out.

Your referral friend gets 7 days of subscription, absolutely FREE! Referral code will be sent on the 7th day to refer and earn Referral Earnings!

On successful purchase of eGuru's Premium License, your friend may go for Unlimited Referrals and earn Unlimited Referral Earnings. Referral Earnings Wallet amount can be transferred to Bank Account successfully

Possible. It maybe because, he has already been referred by someone else before you. This program will consider only those people who are being referred for the 1st time.

Well, no! eGuruLive will not be calling to your friend. We will touch base with them through Email and SMS, on being successfully referred. That said, you can do your bit, by telling them to join eGuruLive. In the process, you get Rs.250 for every successful Premium Account activation!

Share the referral rewards Referral Earnings program with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Text, or Email. When they click on your post and use your Referral code, we'll know it was you who referred them.

Visit the My Referral Earnings Rewards status page under "My Profile" in your eGuruLive login to track how many referrals you are getting each month. Click here to track your Referral Earnings rewards. OR

Once you've logged in, you will see "My Profile" on the top right corner of your screen. Click on it and then open 'My Referral Earnings' to see your Referral Earnings.

No. Its absolutely free Referral Earnings service that we are providing. Buy you need to buy eGurulive's Premium Account to transfer the wallet amount to Bank Account

No, you do not have to sign a contract. However you should read our terms and conditions.

Visit the Contact us page for full details of the various ways you can get in touch with us regarding queries.

The Referral link does not expire and it can be used at any time. However, eGuruLive has the right to cancel the scheme at any time.

You can earn maximum unlimited Referral Earnings rewards. However you can continue to refer friends, as your friends will purchase Premium License, you receive Referral Earnings.

No! We'd like to meet your friends. We'll Reward you happily! Refer & Enjoy unlimited Referral Earnings!

Yes, we know it does not seem possible. But the Incredible thing is that it's Possible!
We are proud and happy to tell you that this "Huge Income" is very much true & possible.

Don't worry! Due to technical issues your wallet may not be updated! You will receive your Referral Earnings within 24 hours.

Pricing FAQ's

No. Tax waiver may change from Time-to-Time.

Discounts are applicable only for a limited period and Genie may change it without intimation.

Don't worry! Please confirm with your Bank deduction. We shall activate it for you.

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