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Photoshop CS4

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Adobe® Photoshop CS4 is the leading image editing application for the Internet, print and other new media disciplines. Here we’ll learn how to create and edit an graphic and also the new features in CS4 like Arrange Documents, Application Bar, Personalizing workspace and new time saving tools which makes the work flow much faster.

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Lesson Plans
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3D Axis

The 3D Axis shows the current X, Y, and Z-axis orientation of the 3D model in 3D space. It appears when you have a 3D layer and 3D tool selected. You can use the 3D Axis as an alternative to the 3D position tools to move, rotate, or resize a 3D model in object space.

3D Drag Tool

3D Drag Tool allows you to move the model horizontally, or up or down to move it vertically.

3D Orbit Tool

3D Orbit Tool orbits the camera in the x or y direction.

3D Pan Tool

3D Pan Tool allows you to pan the camera angle in the x or y direction.

3D Roll Tools

3D Roll Tools helps you to rotate the model around its z axis and the Camera angles

3D Rotate Tool

3D Rotate Tool allows you to rotate the model around its x-axis, or side to side to rotate it around its y axis.

3D Scale Tool

3D Scale Tool allows you to scale the model larger or smaller.

3D Slide Tool

3D Slide Tool allows you to move the model horizontally, or up or down to move it closer or farther away.

3D Walk View Tool

3D Walk View Tool allows you to walk the camera position to create a walk through effect.

3D Zoom Tool

3D Zoom Tool allows you to change the field of view of the 3D camera. Maximum field of view is 180.

Action files

Action files recorded actions that can include adding text effects, image effects, and production actions, such as changing a custom RGB file to grayscale or saving a file as a JPEG, and will increase the efficiency in which you perform oft-repeated tasks.

Actions palette

Actions palette lets you record, play, edit, and delete specific actions or load action files.

Additional options

Additional options are available when a pop-up palette is opened and denoted by a right arrow located in the top-right corner of the palette. Clicking on this arrow brings up the additional options.

Adjustment Palette

Adjustment Palette allows you to perform some image corrections like toning, color balance & correction, brightness, contrast etc. It is a newly added palette in Photoshop CS4.


Airbrush simulates traditional airbrush techniques by gradually adding paint similar to a spray paint gun or a spray paint can. The airbrush icon is located on the options bar when a brush is selected.


Align option allows you to align layers or selections within an image. There are several ways to align objects top, vertical center, left, horizontal center, and right.


Aligned option is used when repairing flaws in images (such as when using the Healing Brush or Clone Stamp tool). Place a check in the Align box if you need to release the mouse button while working and still keep the sampling point; sampled pixels are thus applied continuously. Uncheck the box to apply the pixels from the original sampling point each time. Aligning can also mean to left align text, center text, or right align text.

Alpha channel

Alpha channel is a spot color channel in the Channels palette that you create using the Color Range tool.

Altered Video track

Altered Video track is used for video layers, which displays a duration bar for altered frames. To jump to altered frames, use the keyframe navigator to the left of the track label.


Ambient sets the color for ambient light visible on reflective surfaces. This color interacts with the Global Ambient Color for the entire scene.

Anchor point

As lines and curves are drawn using the Pen tool, Anchor points are created that define the line, its endpoints, and its curves. Anchor points can be added or deleted from a shape, and they can be edited.


Angle option controls the angle of the brush stroke. Angling creates a calligraphic look.


An Animation is a sequence of images, or frames that is displayed over time. Each frame varies slightly from the preceding frame, creating the illusion of movement or other changes when the frames are viewed in quick succession.

Animation palette

Animation palette includes functions affecting keyframes, layers, panel appearance, onion skinning, and document settings.


Anti-aliasing is the process of smoothing edges around a selection. It differs from feathering in that it does not blur the edges but instead softens them by blending the colors of the outer pixels with the background pixels. This results in no loss of detail. You must choose anti-aliasing before selecting; it cannot be added after a selection has been made.

Art History Brush

Art History Brush tool allows you to change an image to make it look like some other type of artwork?artwork that is older, such as impressionist artwork, an oil painting, or a watercolor. These changes are unlike filters and similar tools because they allow you to brush over only part of the image to make the changes and do not apply the change to the entire image or layer.

Auto Color

Auto Color command adjusts the colors in an image by searching the image for shadows, midtones, and highlights instead of basing those adjustments on the histogram settings.

Auto Contrast

Auto Contrast command adjusts the contrast of an image but does not repair color-related problems such as colorcasts. By enhancing the contrast of the image, whites appear whiter and blacks appear blacker, and everything in between changes accordingly.

Auto Erase

Auto Erase option is available with the Pencil tool, checking this box allows you to paint the background color over areas of foreground color. This, in essence, erases what has been previously drawn with the foreground color.

Auto Levels

Auto Levels command sets highlights and shadows in an image by defining a black point and a white point based on the majority of colors in the image and the lightest and darkest points. With the black and white points set, it configures the intermediate colors accordingly.

Auto Select Layer

Auto Select Layer automatically selects the layer you intend to work with as determined by where you click with the mouse.


Audio Video Interleave (AVI) is a standard format for audio and video data on Windows computers.

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