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"Content is the King"

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Video Lessons


MCQ's - Questions Bank



Course LibraryUnlimited Video & Unlimited Access

Next Gen Student Learning Environmentfor your digital native child!

Course Library

Course Library

Learning School curriculum through website & App is our present and our future trend.

All our subject Lessons are 100% video, developed with high quality animations and interactive content. it enables every student to understand complex & difficult lessons so much easier and better.

Thousands of high quality lessons, carefully produced by experienced subject specialist teachers.

We have both Academic and Non-Academic course contents in our Course Library

CBSE /Tamil Nadu Curriculum

Life Skills (NCERT)

Soft Skills

Software Skills

Spoken English Skills

21st Century Skills

Flexibility of learning, engaging visual content, can make the students learning experience more meaningful and benefits them in many ways better than a classroom or tuition's.


MCQ - Question Bank

Do you know the smart way to prepare for exams? It is definitely attempting more and more practice tests. This kind of revision helps children's to boost their confidence to the extreme level.

Every test is being evaluated through our powerful assessment metrics and analysis.

Question Bank with 20,000+ MCQ's - Chapter Test - Mock Exam Generator

Assessment Metrics





Assessment Analysis

Answer Analysis

Graphical Analysis

Performance Analysis


Reports & Learning Analytics

More data, More understanding over your children.

One popular definition states that learning analytics are "the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, it is for the purposes of understanding and optimizing the learning environment to pursue big success.

our leveraging reports and analysis, shall assist you to do everything from measuring to improving your children learning performances.

Study Report

Chapterwise Reports

Coursewise Reports

Datewise Reports

Test Report

Chapterwise Reports

Mock Test Reports

Datewise Reports


Real Time Dashboard

eGuru dashboard encourage parents to monitor and analyze their childrens performance in real-time. Its auto-refresh feature automatically updates dashboards based on latest data.

eGuru dashboard metrics help to gauge your children achievements more accurately and ensuring that they need of any intervention or support from you.

These dashboard analytics shall make you to understand and undoubtedly improve your childrens.

Learning Retention

Continuous Engagement

Topics Completion

Better Learning Outcomes


Learning Alert System

Presently, Almost 100% of the parents, carry mobile phones every where. This motivates us to keep posting their childrens updates, reports and alerts time to time.

We even reach busy parents with our alerts via SMS, Email, Web and App notifications. our objective is to keep you and your children connected and engaged most of the time. Nevertheless they are your dear ones.

SMS Text

Mobile App Notifications

Pictorial Emails

Web Alerts

My Genie

My Genie

A Revolutionary Educational Tablet & Smartphone
Learn Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device...

My Genie device contains eGuru course library and its robust application modules which are reworked for the effective Mobile Learning. We also have some significant SoS features in our my genie devices to lift the product to bliss level.

My Genie is most innovative and easy to use, which has a huge potential to engage and motivate students more than ever before.

Salient FeaturesHow we have done?

eGuruLive AppMobile learning is one of the emerging trends in 21st century education.


Elegant Design

Built with latest App trends - eGuruLive is child friendly, beautiful & Professional

Learning Reports & Analytics

Highly equipped with powerful Reports & Analytics system to understand the impact of Learning

Highly Secured

Panic Button (SOS)
GPS Tracking
Encrypted files & Reports

Offline Course Access

Learn on the move even when you are in Offline, with this online features. 100% hassle free

Built-in Apps

eGuruLive Mobile App - 100% pre-installed App with our course contents & Question bank

Alerts & Push Notifications

Automated alerts & notifications to notify you time to time based on your monitoring metrics

Plans & PricingUndoubtedly, the most affordable price, Flexible Plans and wide range of courses in the country

1 Month

Most Popular
MRP 499 Offer Price 299 Save 40%
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Unlimited Test
  • Learning Reports
  • Android App
  • Learning Reports Alerts
  • Family Access (1+2)

3 Months

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MRP 999 Offer Price 699 Save 30%
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Unlimited Test
  • Learning Reports
  • Android App
  • Learning Reports Alerts
  • Family Access (1+2)

6 Months

Fair Choice
MRP 1499 Offer Price 999 Save 35%
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Unlimited Test
  • Learning Reports
  • Android App
  • Learning Reports Alerts
  • Family Access (1+2)

12 Months

Best Value
MRP 2499 Offer Price 1499 Save 40%
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Unlimited Test
  • Learning Reports
  • Android App
  • Learning Reports Alerts
  • Family Access (1+2)

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